3 Foolproof Gifts to Get Dad for Father’s Day

Dads are a wonder all on their own. For some reason, they just know how things around the house work, especially when fixtures get broken. They may not know how to do the groceries on their own, but they do find ways to make sure we have everything we need, even if it requires stepping out of their comfort zone. They also know how to make us laugh with their corny jokes, especially after a long stressful day. Another wonder, though? What to get them to show our heartfelt appreciation. 

Because it’s always a challenge to shop for dad or for daddy hubby, we’ve rounded up some classic gifts that he would absolutely love. Remember, simplicity is key.

  1. An old-fashioned watch

Granted, our dads may not be fans of fashion. Take a look at their closet and you’ll see this. They’d be satisfied having a lean set of clothes like a few plain polos and a few checkered button-downs for the office and a few trusty sandos for home use. But believe us when we say that a classy timepiece is an accessory they wouldn’t mind getting from you, and one they’d wear often. While you’re at it, poke fun at his wardrobe choices by surprising him some sugar cookies. A little humor in a sweet treat goes a long way.

  1. Juicy steaks paired with wine or beer

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and they weren’t lying. Let Father’s Day be your dad’s cheat day by gifting him with the best steak he can sink his teeth into. You can do this two ways. One is through calling up a great resto days before the special day and ordering in advance to make sure it gets delivered at home hassle-free. The other route is to whip it up at home with your special secret sauce and seasonings. Don’t forget to complete the meal with a bottle of liquor you know he’ll love! Oh and for extra measure, how about getting some dessert?

  1. A good ‘ol coffeemaker

Level up his coffee experience at home with this trusty tool that can guarantee him awesome brews in the morning or in between virtual meetings. The best part about this appliance is that it comes in different types, depending on your budget. You can get him a pour-over type, a drip type, or a sleek coffee machine, all of which he’ll love. Not to mention it’s a great company to have too during family bonding time.

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