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Celebrate Halloween at Home with these DIY Tips

A fun spooky night indoors, coming right up!

Are you feeling bummed about having to celebrate Halloween, a day where you can go all out on your costumes and over the top with your decor just because, at home for the second year in a row? We feel you. However, you and your family’s safety is always a top priority in these trying times. This doesn’t mean that Halloween has to be canceled though. Sure, it can take a bit more creativity on your part, but that’s actually where the fun starts!

Read on for some tips on how to amp up your celebration.

Have a virtual Spookstober fest

In the age of Zoom and virtual calls, it’s time to gather round your best buddies, fambam, or even volunteer to arrange a virtual event where the neighbors can join. There are so many ways to go about this. For one, you can invite everyone to come in their best DIY costume (winner gets bragging rights and a prize delivered to them). You can also opt to have a game night where the topics can range from horror movies to Halloween fun facts. Don’t forget to top it off with a spooky Zoom background!

Have a one-of-a-kind arts and crafts night

How about decking out your home in Halloween-inspired garb to get those creative juices flowing? It doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy. You can use recycled cloth and/or paper to create ghost cut-ups or even vamp up your potted plants with DIY reusable bucket containers. You can even send your loved ones some Halloween goody bags with homemade trinkets and storebought candies and sweets to get into the trick-or-treating spirit. The possibilities are endless!

Have a themed dinner

The fun here starts in preparation. Think about your favorite spooky movies and let the theme for October 31st revolve around them as you dine at home. Gather up the whole family for this occasion and plan what food and desserts to spookify and go with the theme. Get our DIY Halloween Cake while you’re at it, and go crazy with the designs. For added measure, incorporate your theme into a movie marathon after your fam dinner while munching on some equally spooky homemade snacks.

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