Brace Yourself: Here’s What You Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Being a new mom can be daunting, especially in this pandemic when there’s a lot of health scares and restrictions. When you first hear about breastfeeding, you might be filled with a lot of doubts and fears. It almost feels like a trial by fire to motherhood in itself. But don’t you worry mommy, breastfeeding is a beautiful experience. It comes with its quirks, sure, but it’s one of those things that’s really rewarding too, which is why we rounded up some tips to help you prepare.

Study the different breastfeeding positions

There’s no one right way to position your baby for breastfeeding. In fact, there are plenty. There’s the laidback technique, also called biological nurturing, which is what most first moms resort to. There’s the cradle hold which allows moms to sit upright, with the baby positioned on the side, in a tummy-to-mommy position. And many more! You may have to mix and match a few positions to know what works best for you and your baby. 

Influence your milk production

While there is really no way of knowing if your body’s milk supply will be high or low on different days, the good news is that you can impact its production. The secret is in the correct calorie amount, which you can ask your doctor more about since it varies per weight. There’s no one specific diet to achieve this, but there is food that promotes milk production like lean meat and poultry. Snacks like lactation treats are also known to boost milk supply too since it contains ingredients like oats, which is also known for its milk-boosting properties. 

Know that the first few latches will be uncomfortable but that’s perfectly normal

During the first few weeks, there’s bound to be that 10-second “ouch factor”, and that’s because your body is not used to it. It’s similar to that uncomfortable feeling of having a clothespin stuck to your finger, and you may feel yourself holding your breath and tense up at first. But just be patient and trust the process. Before you know it, your body will adjust and toughen up.

Invest in some good breastfeeding tools

Set aside some money for splurging on quality purchases that will help you in your breastfeeding journey. We highly recommend for your shopping list to include an electric or manual pump, a pumping bra, and a breastmilk storage solution.

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