Boost Your Child’s Creativity At Home With These 3 Tips

Because of their often curious minds, kids have a natural penchant for creativity like no other. There are times, though, that these get stifled because of too much screen time, or perhaps, their environment limits their imagination. We’ve been there, done that. The fact that we’ve all been at home for more than a year now can add to lesser creativity too. However, being at home is also room for endless possibilities to tap into your little one’s curious mind and strengthen it further. Here’s how to start.

  1. Allow your kids to have free time

Sometimes,we parents love to schedule the activities our child will do down to a T. While there’s nothing wrong with planning what your kiddo ought to do for the day, it’s equally important to give ‘em blocks of unstructured time too. Leave a portion of the day sans the scheduled activities and let them explore. Or you can also invite them to participate in whatever it is that you’re doing, like kitchen duty for example.

  1. Openly cheer on your little ones for their effort

In everything they do, always praise them for their efforts, not the results.Tell them you are proud for helping mommy design that cake, not how sloppy it looks. Tell them that you are pleased with how they made art, not how messy it appears to be. Remember that motivation, especially for your learning  little ones, goes a long way.

  1. Invest in their hobbies

Have a separate fund ready for when your kids’ hobbies. If they like to paint, be the enabler mom who gets them the best watercolor. If they like singing, go ahead and sign them up for voice classes. If they like baking, enroll them for a class to hone their skill. Hobbies give their minds room to roam, explore, and get their creative juices flowing. 

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