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5 Mother’s Day Gifts For All The Moms In Your Life

Here are some foolproof treats your mom and your mom BFFS would definitely love.

Moms, they are indeed superhuman. They can plan three meals a day (plus merienda) for the entire fam and cook them with such jubilant joy and ease, while cleaning the house spotless. They can have play time with the kids, while also acing their work from home presentation meetings with the boss. Ah, the special power that moms just radiate. This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mom or your fellow mom squad with these gift ideas, depending on their personality and stage in the mommy journey.

For the Old-School Mom: Ensaymada Quezo De Bola

Old school is still cool. These are the kinds of moms who have a penchant for the bygone era, whether it is in music preferences (the ‘50s or the ‘60s are their jam) or favorite movies, among others. Why not gift her with some homemade premium ensaymada, a classic Filipino recipe that still works, and is made extra special all the same? 

For the ‘Bagets’ Mom: Chocolate Meringue Bars

Has a Tiktok account and enjoys posting her own take on viral dance challenges? Check. Loves watching K-dramas? Check. Yup, these are the fun confident mommas who are young or young at heart. These yummy trendy Chocolate Meringue Bars that even comes in a pretty pastel box is the perfect present for her.

For the New Mom: A Curated Gift Box

If someone from your circle of friends just recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy or a dashing baby girl, ease her into the mommy journey with a thoughtful and super cute gift box that you can curate and personalize–one that includes some delicious Oatmeal Lactation Crackers guaranteed to boost her milk supply for breastfeeding.

For the Sweet Tooth: Ube Sans Rival Cake

Moms with a sweet tooth just love to discover unique desserts with a passion. They go out of their way to try out unheard of sweet pairings and flavors that can satisfy their adventurous taste buds, much like this Ube Sans Rival Cake, which prides itself on two Filipino desserts in one cake.

For the Laidback Mom: Mother’s Day Care Kit

She’s the type of mom who’s relaxed and easygoing, and loves taking short but meaningful breaks between her day to chill out. Show her some TLC with a mother’s day kit which includes some coffee and heart-shaped Lengua De Chat for her meriendas, a room spray that matches her calm personality, and a pretty mask for her morning walks.

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