5 Desserts That Every Pinoy Loves

It’s no surprise that Pinoys are a natural sweet tooth. Whether it’s in any handaan or as the last course to signify that a meal is done, our taste buds are accustomed to having some form of dessert. To put it simply, if rice is said to be the staple food for our dining tables, consider the following dessert flavors as the ultimate faves of our Pinoy palate. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?


When it comes to beating the heat all year round, there’s arguably no better panghimagas than the halo-halo. Characterized by finely shaved ice that still gives a bit of a bite, with evaporated milk poured over generously, and topped with a delightful mix of sweetened beans, leche flan, nata de coco, fruits, and a dollop of ube. The best part is that the toppings can even be customizable to suit your individual tastes!

Anything ube

Yet another dessert synonymous with Pinoys? Ube, of course! It even got its well-deserved global limelight in previous years, with many dubbing it as a breakout Filipino food and one of the most Instagrammable food. No doubt about it, we just love how ube can transform itself to the most delicious desserts from cheesy ensaymadas to ginataang bilo-bilo. If like us, you can’t get enough of your ube fill, try out our very own version, which has got ube halaya on top of the already scrumptiously flavored ube chiffon cake. Not to mention, it’s got a surprise sans rival filling too!

Leche Flan

If we’re talking about favorite Filipino desserts, Leche Flan must definitely be part of the list. A custard dessert that originated in France, leave it to the Pinoy palate to have its own sweet take. Usually steamed over a stove top or an open flame in a llanera, it is known for its rich creamy taste.

Sans Rival

Another dessert with French origins, the Sans Rival has been adopted into our culture as a decadent Pinoy dessert. The visual of its generous layers of cashew nuts, crunchy meringue, and velvety buttercream is bound to make anyone’s mouth water on its own, but what if we tell you, it can get even more special? Just imagine two classic Filipino desserts in one, reimagined by yours truly.

Maja Blanca

Gelatinous in texture and creamy white in color, this traditional dessert is a favorite in fiestas and gatherings. It is characterized by the refreshing flavor of coconut milk cooked to pudding perfection and bits of fresh sweet corn. Creamy as can be, the Maja Blanca truly holds a special place in our hearts.

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