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5 Cake Design Ideas For Your Next Celebration

Because we believe that safe socially distanced celebrations with only a small number of guests can still prove to be a blast.

For any truly Filipino occasion, a cake is never absent. It’s a crucial portion of the party formula that you can’t forget because it adds oomph to the event, gives a feeling of instant joy to the celebrants, and is just downright delicious. The ever-changing restrictions for more than a year now can seem like a downer, but if anything, it gave us more license to be creative in our daily lives. This includes how to actually celebrate celebrations safe and sound.

If you’re looking to make your next occasion more special, here are some cake design inspos from our archives you might want to look into.


Planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your little one who loves his Marvel or DC Comics? How about translating all that into cake form and making sure you assemble his favorite superhero squad together as added edible cake decor for extra measure?

Oppalogy and Kpop idols

Let’s say your BFF is about to get married and you’re in charge of bridal shower duties. And this certain bestie of yours is a true-blue A.R.M.Y? Round up the glow sticks and the purple hearts and throw her a bridal shower she won’t forget, with a BTS-inspired cake as the centerpiece.

Peace and Prosperity 

Is your lola or lolo’s birthday coming up? Celebrate their life and bring in peace, prosperity, and luck with a surprise money cake guaranteed to give them a smile on their faces. Add in some gold choco coins for added effect.

Food Trip Lovin’

If like us, you miss those random food trips where you hop from store to store to discover new eats in a certain area, know that you can re-create the experience at home. For your upcoming anniversary with the hubby, how about ordering in some grub from different cuisines plus having a cake on hand that is also food-inspired?

Floral and dainty
If there’s an upcoming wedding within your immediate family, you’ll never go wrong with a classy sophisticated fondant cake like the one above. It’s an aesthetic that never loses its appeal simply because it’s a pretty sight to see. Not to mention, the great flavor it can pack on the inside too.

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