5 Best Superfoods for Breastfeeding Moms

Once you start breastfeeding your little one, there’s no going back. The wonderful thing is how your body is on high alert and is actively conscious in producing your baby’s vital need. Because of this, you’ll find yourself often feeling hungry, and that’s because there’s a significant number of calories your body uses to make each ounce of milk. 

That said, you’ll be needing some amazingly delicious, healthy, and nutritious superfoods to energize you, boost your milk supply, and help further support your nursing success. Keep reading to know which foods to add to your daily diet.

  1. Avocados

To combat the crazy bouts of hunger you’ll likely feel throughout your day, eat some avocados. Not only will it save you prep time, but more importantly, it’s a nutritional powerhouse containing 80 percent good-for-the-heart fats. Avocados also include a great amount of Vitamins B, K, C, and E, and folate. 

  1. Green leafy vegetables

Did you know that some research shows that babies who get exposed to green leafy veggies like kale or spinach through breastfeeding eventually grow attuned to its taste? This means that it could potentially be easier to encourage them to eat their veggies as they grow up. Not only that, green leafy vegetables have been found to increase lactation too. 

  1. Whole-wheat pasta

If you’re a pasta lover, there’s no need to give up your beloved pasta recipes during your breastfeeding season. Actually, all the better, but trade it for its whole-wheat version which is high in fiber, iron, and nutritious minerals for milk production. Since we’re on the topic of fiber, pretty much any food that has whole grains is great for breastfeeding moms too. That said, how about incorporating oats into your snacking?

  1. Salmon

Contrary to popular belief, fish can be good for breastfeeding moms too. An excellent choice is salmon dishes since it is high in Vitamins B12 and D, and Omega-3 fatty acids (fun fact: did you know that Vitamin B12 and Omega-3 also doubles as a good agent against postpartum depression?). It is also rich in DHA, which contains an ingredient that is important for the development of your little one’s nervous system.

  1. Beans and legumes

Having these foods on the regular while breastfeeding means you get a steady stream of protein, iron, fiber, and phytochemicals, which are all necessary for a healthy breastfeeding experience. If you’re wondering what phytochemicals can do, research suggests that they can stimulate the immune system, block bad substances from becoming cancer-causing carcinogens, and helps with DNA repair, among many other benefits.

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