dessert bar

Little Prince Dessert Table

A little prince is on the way.  Stop and smell the roses and look with the heart.

75th Birthday Dessert Table

Celebrating 75 wonderful years. Every milestone remembered and looking forward to many years more.

My Little Pony Dessert Table

Friendship is magic with every pony invited. Dash on over and pony up some fun.

Little Man Dessert Table

Celebrate your little man's party in style. Let the little one take center stage with pastries fit for a dashing debonair.


Welcoming the sweetest little bundle of joy. Every perfect gift is from above.

Nautical Dessert Table

Ahoy Sailor!  A display of red, blue and white colors.  Sail away aboard our designer sailboat cookies.  Let the wind take you to places as we wish you a great water adventure.

Candy Crush Dessert Table

The saga continues to your party. Level up with brightly colored cupcakes and candies. Charm everyone with this dessert selection inspired by this game that everyone loves to play.

Chinese Themed Dessert Table

A theme very familiar to us. Fortune cookies and "lucky" pastries, bring not just the Orient but also happiness and good luck into your celebration.

Circus Dessert Table

The day the circus came to town. Guest reveled in custom made lollipops, designer cookies and naked mini cakes.


Orange, red, purple and blue. Lucia's turning a year old and wants to paint with you.

Frozen Dessert Table

We couldn't let go of this most requested theme. Winter blue colored sweets captivating everyone at the party. Perfect way to celebrate the warmth of love from family and friends.

Jungle Animals Dessert Table

Adorable jungle animals make good company. Watch your guests howl with fun and roar with delight with this epic adventure theme.