Do I need to have prior knowledge before enrolling in a class?
Unless a class is classified as an intermediate class, students without prior knowledge are welcome to join the class.

Is there an age limit to attend a class?
There is generally no age limit to attend a class.  Young or old, we encourage students who are interested to learn the offered lesson to join.  We have summer classes specially-geared for kids age 5 to 8 and juniors age 9 to 15.  We also have Mommy & Me classes to promote bonding time between parents and their children.

How frequent is a particular class taught?
To offer an interesting variety of class throughout the year, we often repeat a particular class quarterly.  Moreover, we try to maintain a good mix of classes every month so it will always include a baking, cooking and cake decorating class.

Do you offer special classes?
Yes, we can arrange a private class for your or your group.  You may contact us through www.sweetsuccess.ph/contact-us to schedule.

How is payment made?
Upon submission of registration, full payment is expected. We accept bank deposit or online transfers, GCash or PayPal.

How do I pay by bank deposit or online transfer?
Our bank account information is included in the registration form.  Once you have completed the payment, deposit slip must be emailed to sweet_success888@yahoo.com for confirmation.

How do I pay by GCash?
Our designated mobile number is included in the registration form.  Once you have completed the payment, we will inform you of receipt and class confirmation.

How do I pay by PayPal?
Log in to your PayPal account and select "Send" using the email sweet_success888@yahoo.com.  Make sure you are "Sending to a Friend," put the amount, add a note to say it is for class payment and select your fund source.  Once PayPal transaction is complete, you will receive your PayPal receipt and notifies us of your payment.  We will email class confirmation. 

What happens when a class is canceled?
Classes may be canceled or re-scheduled if the minimum required number of students is not attained.  In the event that a class is canceled, payment will be credited towards an alternate class.

What is included in the class fee?
Inclusions vary by class.  Please refer to www.sweetsuccess.ph/classes for each offered class information.

Other Questions?
Please direct questions to http://www.sweetsuccess.ph/contact-us
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