March Classes

Sweet Success is bringing madness to March with six awesome classes. We are having baking, cooking and cake decorating for beginners, and even having little ones join in baking with mommy.  Check out the class details below.
1. Bake with Mommy
- Date: March 3, 2018 (Saturday)
- Time: 9AM - 11:30AM
- In this hands on class, you will learn how to:

February Classes

Sweet Success brings you basic cupcake baking, Chinese & healthy cooking and buttercream cake decorating classes this February.  Adding to our class line up this month is No Bake Desserts.  Check out the details below
1. Cupcake Baking Class 1
- Date: February 4, 2018 (Sunday)
- Time: 9AM - 4PM
- In this hands on class, you will learn to bake: 

January 2018 Classes

Sweet Success will be celebrating the New Year with two new classes!  Join us this January for Baking 101 or Healthy Baking Class.  For those who wants to learn how to make bread or dimsum, we got those classes for you as well.  And for the budding cake decorator, we have Basic Cake Decorating Class.  Check out each class details below.
1.  Basic Bread Making Class

Bottle of Wine

Cheers! Sharing with you a cake / bottle of red wine to celebrate our happy client who "aged to perfection." Happy 40th!
Is this a real bottle of wine in an ice bucket or is this cake? Well, it's cake baked and decorated from our kitchen. Just a trivia, the ice cubes were actually made from sugar.